Want to tune your butt? Here’s what to eat and avoid

Squats alone will not tone your butt; they need to be accompanied by good nutritional habits. This is what food experts had to say on what to eat and what you should avoid on your glutes-toning journey.
Eat more healthy fat and protein

In an article in Essence, registered dietician/nutritionist, Vanessa Risseto, says, it’s important to focus on healthy fats like olive oil and avocado, and cheese; vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and kale for example and lean protein that include fish, turkey, eggs, and chicken that are appropriate for your size.

 What it means, is that a person weighing 68 kilos must only have 113-142 g of protein per meal, whereas a person weighing more than 91 kg must only have 227-255 g per meal. Risseto further adds that, “It’s important to fuel the muscles that you currently have and also keep your metabolism revved up — protein is one of the best ways to do this.”
She further highlights the importance of restoring energy after exercising, “Whole grains are also a must, because when we exercise we deplete the glycogen (stored energy) and we need to replenish that. So make sure you have complex carbohydrates like oats, brown rice, beans, sweet potatoes and quinoa. These are wonderful sources especially since they have small amounts of protein, as well, so they’re pretty nutrient-dense.”

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