Sex on the first date could actually lead to a relationship

Sex on the first date could actually lead to a relationship
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Societal norms have made sex on the first date taboo, suggesting that it is nothing more than a casual hook-up. A new study begs to differ
There has always been a debate surrounding first-date sex. Regardless of your beliefs about this new-age hook-up culture, ‘giving it up’ on the first date is still seen as a no-no if you want to be in a relationship.

However, getting busy “between the sheets” on the first date can actually result in a fruitful relationship. This is according to a study by the Interdisciplinary Centre Herzliya (IDC Herzliya) and the University of Rochester’s department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology.

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The report reveals that both men and women try to connect with each other when sexually aroused, which then leads to an attachment. This is caused by the feel-good endorphins released during sex.

ex may set the stage for deepening the emotional connection between strangers. This holds true for both men and women. Sex motivates human beings to connect, regardless of gender,” explains the study’s lead author, Gurit Birnbaum. He continues: “Sexual desire may play a casually important role in the development of relationships. It’s the magnetism that holds partners together long enough for an attachment bond to form.”

According to the researchers, at a subconscious level, having sex on the first day could be put down to evolution – that is, to ensure reproduction. "Throughout human history, parents' bonding greatly increased the children's survival chances," Birnbaum explains.

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