The Freedom Lifestyle

Many of us have spent our lives believing that happiness and success are achieved through hard work and years of sacrifice. As Canadians, two-thirds of us are spending more than 45 hours per week at work. This is on top of our national average commute time of 29 minutes each way.

The Freedom Lifestyle

We continue to take on more responsibility, focus on our next promotion and try our best to fit in a few weeks of vacation time each year.

Despite our best intentions, less than 25% of Canadians are highly satisfied with life.

As someone who’s spent her early career jumping between self-employment and working 9-5s, I too have dedicated years conforming to a hustle, with the promise of a more fulfilling future.

However, mindsets are shifting. As I continue to surround myself with women who look at work differently, I’ve adopted the Freedom Lifestyle and it’s contagious.

Almost half of North Americans will be independent workers by 2020, and many will choose where, when and how they work.

The Freedom Lifestyle looks different for everyone. It’s a mindset that's rooted in your individual ideals and the belief that you deserve to live all your days, not just your golden years, feeling happy and fulfilled.

As we shift to a gig economy, the future of work is making a lifestyle that’s ‘on your own terms’ increasingly more accessible.

The Freedom Lifestyle has been particularly attractive to women, who tend to value the flexibility to explore various passions at once, while also balancing quality relationships in their personal lives.

Women who are living this way are writing their own rules and collecting as many life experiences as possible along the way.

For some women, it’s the ability to create purpose-driven work for themselves and reject the notion that it needs to be difficult to make money. For others, it’s the desire to travel the world and design a laptop life as a digital nomad.

For many though, it’s as simple as getting to raise their children themselves and work from home during hours that fit their lifestyle.

When I speak with women about their aspirations to live more freely and what prevents them from taking the leap into the gig economy, it has been a lack of people in their lives modeling this lifestyle and signaling that they can do this too.

As an effort to expose more women to the freedom lifestyle and how it can be accomplished, I began interviewing female entrepreneurs and freelancers through a new podcast series, What’s Your Free.

For example, Marisa Tam is a freelance entrepreneur who quit her job at Google to turn storytelling into her full-time gig. She had the benefit of spending her early career working for an organization that allowed her to explore various passions and opportunities to contribute.

After realizing that storytelling was her natural gift, and a skill others validated as a worthwhile investment, she took the leap with her partner and built their business, Story U. Marisa now travels all over the world coaching senior executives on their presentations while pursuing the Freedom Lifestyle.

Vanessa Ortali is a serial entrepreneur who quit corporate life and created uncapped income for herself. She now manages several businesses and advocates for women having multiple streams of income.

As the founder of The Ladies Community in Toronto, LA and Houston, Vanessa has leveraged her personal brand to make money in many interesting ways. She coaches, hosts events and sells network marketing products. She even has a gig helping men propose! For Vanessa, it’s not about work-life balance; it’s about living and work is part of her life.

Hannah Kovacs started HIIT with Hannah as a side hustle while working at a technology startup in Toronto. After a year of building her fitness brand on evenings and weekends, she took the leap and is now living the Freedom Lifestyle full-time.

Hannah has learned to adjust to being a one-woman show and leverages co-working spaces to alleviate the burden of being alone all day. She feels fortunate to have found her passion and align on the industry she wants to make an impact in.

Whether you’ve already taken the leap and are living the Freedom Lifestyle now, or you’re on the 9-5 grind and looking for some inspiration, we can all benefit from a little more freedom in our lives. Trust me, it’s contagious.

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