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Does He like Me? 12 Signs He's in Love With You - gadstime
Does He like Me? 12 Signs He's in Love With You - gadstime

Does he like me’ is actually a question that emerges in mind of young people or adults when they find someone who cares about them.

Love or liking is basically a process that takes time. When you actually understand what the meaning of love is, you start thinking about that person, that is, when the romantic songs play, and you build a scenario having that person with you.

This might be discomforting as you don’t know if he likes you back or not. When you like someone, you might change your behavior towards him, and you become soft towards that person and expect the same from the other side.

When someone likes you, there is a particular change in their behavior that you might notice.

So, below you see some signs to know if he likes you the same or not:

1. He will admire you

Does He like Me? 12 Signs He's in Love With You - gadstime
Does He like Me? 12 Signs He's in Love With You - gadstime

He would admire you for who you are. He wouldn’t try to change you forcefully for himself by mentioning that you don’t look good in this or that. Rather, he would admire you for the way you dress up or the way you wear makeup. He might also admire your eyes or hair.

2. He will become tender

He would become tender or soft with you, that is, there might be some soft change in his behavior towards you.  If he used to scold you a little for something wrong you have done, he would now become polite and try to make you understand his point with affection.

3. He will motivate you

He will motivate you anyway. No matter what, he will say good words to you and try to enhance your spirit or raise your confidence level for sure. In studies, job, sports or whatever, he will show as if he will be there for you even when no one supports you.

4. He will provide you with a comfort zone

He will provide you with a comfort zone so that you might be able to share anything you are excited about or any problem of yours with him.

Does He like Me? 12 Signs He's in Love With You - gadstime

5. He will always be ready to listen to you

He will give you his time. He will listen to you with interest when you tell him something of your interest. Even if he is doing some important work, he will stop to listen to you and answer you.

6. He will respect your choice

He would care for the things you like or dislike and would try to match if he likes the same or not. Or he might mention things he likes and would try to know if you like the same by asking different questions.

7. He might stare at you unintentionally

When you are before his eyes; either if you are engaged with some work or doing something else, he might stare at you not knowing that he is staring (as if he is thinking of something). And when you catch him staring, he might be shocked or smile at you.

8. He thinks you’re cute

He thinks you cute. He seems to be enjoying your small acts like your facial expressions or gestures you make. He might laugh at simple jokes you cut. He seems to be enjoying your talk.

9. He looks at you with a sparkle in eyes and a smiling face

Whenever he looks at you, he will adore you. You will feel something as his eyes are trying to tell you something. As it is said; “eyes tell what lips don’t say.” He will always meet you with a smiling face.

10. He won’t ignore you in public

Does He like Me? 12 Signs He's in Love With You - gadstime
Does He like Me? 12 Signs He's in Love With You - gadstime

11. He replies quickly

Whenever you text him, he replies as he sees your text. He will explain when you question him so that you might talk more.
He texts you frequently so that he might have a hello-hi with you.

12. He won’t touch you in public or when alone

The person who likes you will respect you and won’t do such third class acts. Rather, he will respect you and other girls also and won’t let other disrespect you either.

Think of the signs given above and ask yourself if he likes you or not. Question your relationship.

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