Tips to avoid stress in a love relationship

Tips to avoid stress in a love relationship
Tips to avoid stress in a love relationship
Research shows that having ambivalent friendships in your life relationships where interactions are sometimes supportive and positive and sometimes hostile or negative can actually cause more stress than relationships that are consistently negative. 

so Today I want to share with you Tips to avoid stress in a love relationship.

Tips to avoid stress in a love relationship
1. Make a list of friendships in your life. Include everyone you think of when you think of your ‘friends’, including those you only see on social media, those you see regularly, and everyone in between. Also include romantic partners, if they're in your life now or may come back into your life at some point.

Tips to avoid stress in a love relationship
2. Circle the names of people who you know are positive: those who support you when you’re down and genuinely share your joy when good things happen to you. 
As for the others, evaluate the relationship honestly to see if it’s a benefit or a detriment to you. 

This are my step that you can follow now.
  1. Is this relationship worth the amount of work required to maintain it?
  2. Is this a person I would choose to have in my life if we just met today? Or have I been holding onto this relationship out of habit?
  3. Does this person make me feel good about myself? Am I uncomfortable around them?
  4. Is this friend competitive with me in a negative way?
  5. Do I like who I am when I’m with them? Or do we seem to bring out the worst in each other?

Now put more of a focus on the relationships you have with the people whose names are circled. Remember that relationships, when healthy and supportive, are worth the time and energy you put into them and give them the time that they deserve. 

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