How to Attract Women

How to Attract Women
How to Attract Women 

Do you ever feel like you've tried everything to get a girl's attention but they never seem to notice you?

 How to Attract Women ?? Read below to find out how to do this.

Keep your body clean. Girls don't want to deal with your week-old BO. Man, YOU don't want to deal with your week-old BO. Take regular showers and use deodorant. It will surprise you how much of a difference this makes if you haven't been doing this already.

Wear nice clothes. It's not like you have to go around wearing Armani or anything, just wear clothes that fit, suit your body, don't have holes or stains, and don't look like they were the height of fashion in 1986. Don't worry so much about brands: a girl worth having won't care what brand of clothing you wear. Just make sure you're dressed such that she wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with you. Tips to have better quality of life

Smell amazing. Just like you love a girl who smells like a perfect princess fresh out of fairy land, girls love it when men smell amazing too. You can do this by first keeping your body clean, and then adding a nice scent. 

Find your talents. Everybody is attracted to people who can do cool things. Now, you probably already have a talent or the potential for a talent that you don't know about. You need to find that talent and feed it.

 Even if it isn't a classically attractive talent like playing an instrument, nurturing your talent and spending time with people who do the same thing will give you the opportunity to meet girls who enjoy the same things you do.

Be exciting. Don't be the guy who sits at home all weekend, eating Funyuns and playing COD. There's nothing wrong with being introverted, but you still need to spend your time doing exciting things. If you're introverted, start writing a book or teaching yourself an art. If you're more comfortable talking to people and getting outside, go do those things. Join a club, go hiking, volunteer, whatever. Just make your life about something.

Don't be a jerk. You could be GADSTIME, it doesn't matter: women are not obligated to want to date you. 

Remember that. Just think, if some girl you found unattractive and boring started shouting about how you were a loser or something, how would you feel? Sometimes people just don't connect. That's not your fault and it's not her fault either. Just keep trying and you'll find Ms. Perfect.

Do your own thing. If you don't want to go out and actively get girls, you're going to have to be sure you're going off to do your own thing. Don't hang around waiting for them or send them flowers every week.

Give girls their freedom. Girls don't want to date someone who's really clingy or controlling. If you have girl friends that you're hoping to catch the eye of, show them that you're perfectly happy to go do your own thing without them.

NOTE Don't annoy them by constantly asking to hang out, don't ask to go everywhere with them (or follow them around without asking!), don't try to trap them in a corner when you want to talk, and don't try to guilt them or manipulate them into going places with you.

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