The Right Age for Dating - GADSTIME

The Right Age for Dating - GADSTIME

The Right Age for Dating 

France intends to set up a special law of age to begin dating to be 15 years old. According to those proposals any person who is less likely to have sex under that age will be reluctant.

These decisions have come into the country immediately after doctors and lawyers give their advice about the age of a person who is supposed to have sex.

This change has followed the two recent cases in France involving 11-year-old men and boys.

In the current law, if a person has been convicted of having sex with a person under 15 years of age, either voluntarily or in agreement, the accused will be sentenced to an offense with a child but not a rape offense.

The mistake will demand a defendant to give a sum of $ 87,000 as part of a penalty and imprisonment for five years.

Judgment is the same for those who commit abuse to adults and children but the offense of rape is the most severe punishment

French President Emmanuel Macron supports the program to set up the age of initiating sex.

At the end of last year, a 30-year-old man was convicted of evidence that the victim was not forced or intimidated.

However, when that position was set out in France, it was different in other parts of Europe. The law of self-denial and affection allows for age.

In Kenya the right age to start engaging in sex is 18 years old and anyone under that age is recognized as a child. Although marriage is also possible to be closed in that age, the law has not yet been made clear.

At the same age age, Angola is the only African continent that puts the age of more than 12-year-old sexual partners.

Often many countries in Africa do not underestimate the issue of age to begin engaging in romance and customs with religious beliefs.

And for the United Nations there is no law or specific guide on age that allows a person to start doing that, despite the fact that there are rights to protect the child.

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